Monday, December 10, 2018


Incorporating hardwood floors into your house is a great addition and it can completely alter any place -- from halls to kitchens and even bathrooms. However, it is important to choose the right maintenance and maintenance to ensure your stunning hardwood flooring stays in top condition throughout the seasons, even in summer.

GET INTO GOOD HABITS from the Beginning

As the old expression goes"prevention is better than the cure" and this is certainly true for hardwood floors as well as the warmer months is no exception. Taking the ideal preventative methods from the beginning will help keep your floors for longer, whether you have beautiful Walnut Wood Flooring or even a mild birch.

With this in mind, constantly avoid walking on wood floors with ruined heels or spiked shoes. Furthermore in summer, with more time spent outdoors there's an increased quantity of dust, sand and dirt coming into your home that can scratch the surface of wood flooring, therefore remove shoes and place rugs in heavy footfall areas to collect the dust.

This might have you itching to wet mop the floor, but that isn't mandatory and certainly you shouldn't use harsh cleansers, in particular those that contain citrus and tung oil instead use a micro-fibre brush or vacuum to remove the particles.

Additionally, if have any spills or accidents on your hardwood flooring, ensure they're wiped immediately to prevent extra moisture seeping into the timber or staining.
If you are families with pets, it is a fantastic idea to keep pets nails trimmed to prevent scratching the surface of the wood too.


With warmer weather, summer is a great time to carry out maintenance on your own hardwood floors. This may be just a case of sanding down little worn areas and re-applying a protective coating of sealant or sponge.

However, in some instances, a complete restoration is vital, in which case seeking skilled advice is suggested.

At Floor Sanding Greenwich we supply an excellent re-sanding and recovery service, using tried and tested techniques to restore hardwood flooring to its former glory!

Another choice is to invest in a brand-new hardwood floors to give your house a totally new look and with this much variety on offer, you are guaranteed to get the appropriate colour, style and substance to meet your requirements.

With an abundance of expertise in both installation and supply, we ensure any job we undertake is carried out with complete professionalism from begin to finish. For more information, do not hesitate to get in contact with the seasoned Floor Sanding Greenwich team.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


If carpets have ever been your flooring coverings of choice, and if you're currently seeking to create the change to hardwood flooring, you might be wondering what your choices are.

When you only have expertise in sourcing the ideal kind of carpeting for your needs, attempting to source the most suitable hardwood floors could leave you feeling very confused, and you may be left wondering what your choices are.

There are several distinct types of hardwood floors from which you may select - like walnut, walnut and walnut - so make the opportunity to find out what different kinds have to offer.

Because there are lots of varieties of hardwood floors available, your options are regarding the rooms in which you are able to set up it are also good, and you may select different types based on your demands, the usage of this space and the degree of foot traffic which it receives. This means that you can adorn the floors in your living area, dining room and bedrooms.

When it comes to hardwood floors you are going to see that you've got numerous possibilities, and this will make it possible for you to design your floors in the most perfect manner possible in next to no time in any way.

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