Monday, November 23, 2020

Replace Carpeted Stairs with Hardwood Flooring Adds Beauty And Value To Your Home

Ok look at your carpeted stairways long and hard. Are you currently in love with what you see? Of course you are not! Whether it was you or the former homeowner that opted for carpeted staircase, it's not a pretty website, now, is it?

Face the facts: Carpeted stairs are somewhat similar to Gremlin autos of the 1970s. Google the automobile if you are not familiar with the Gremlin or can't quite recall what they look like.

Whatever it took for you to wake up daily and also to recognize that you your carpeted stairs aren't God's gift to humanity, consider yourself lucky that it finally struck home. That stuff has to go!

What to do? You can call Floor Sanding Greenwich of Sunnyvale, a family-owned hardwood flooring contractor and installed. They have proudly served the larger Bay Area for more than 25 years. They will offer specialist consultation as"stairs" is just one of their specialties.

Plus, You'll Have options with Floor Sanding Greenwich ; they will show you any number of species of hardwood flooring samples, and the same with watertight LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and LVCF (luxury vinyl composite flooring); both LVT and LVCF have the appearance of hardwood but cost less, that is just one of the reasons they are equally getting popular alternatives to hardwood floors.

Ever the stickler for details, should you require particular timber and a custom stain so your new hardwood floor stairway will perfectly fit a landing, you can count on Greenwich Floor Sanding to the occupation you've expected of them.

Be aware the work and beautiful wood stairs set up by Greenwich Floor Sanding' crews to homes.

For information and estimates call us at:

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Beware Pet Damage to Hardwood Flooring

Pets are loving additions to households and they have a huge presence in many houses. When considering hardwood flooring, a lot of people wonder about scratches which could result from pets. Softer forests show blemishes simpler than harder woods.

You can take some measures to minimize the damage your pets may do to your wood flooring:

Having rugs in doorways helps trap dirt and debris brought in from outside.

Trimming pets' nails will even help.

If scratches do occur, they will probably only be deep enough to affect the wood's finish, which can be mended. Having hardwood floors refinished professionally may cost anywhere between #2.00 and 4.00 or more per square foot.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


In our last article , we talked about ways to keep the heat inside when temperatures dip outside. This time we'll talk about how to prevent the winter weather from wreaking havoc inside your house. Follow these steps to weatherize your home.


Before the snow starts falling, assess for any buckled, missing, damaged or warped shingles and replace them before they result in a leaky roof. Make sure flashing around the chimney, walls, skylights, and vent pipes are all firmly adhered and in excellent condition and seal any joints where water may permeate with roofing cement.


Ice dams result when snow that has gathered on your roof melts as a result of the heat from your home and begins sliding down your roof, then refreezes when it gets to a colder spot. When enough snow refreezes in a given area, any snow or ice that follows gets dammed up behind it.

Eventually, this dam will back up to spaces that never get cold enough to freeze and the melted snow and ice will find another path­­—through the shingles and seams of the roof; this can quickly cause cracks through which even more water will soon seep, causing severe damage that is difficult and costly to repair.

Making sure your ceiling and attic are properly insulated can go a long way in preventing the original melt-and-freeze action that causes ice dams in the first place. If your house is designed to have a vented roof, make sure the vents are open and free from debris.

You can also have de-icing cables installed on your roof to eliminate those spaces where ice might refreeze. Remove pile-ups of snow after storms and keep your gutters clear to ensure that melted snow and ice have a safe place to go as they run down the roof.


Clogged gutters can cause all kinds of trouble at the best of times. But, when temperatures drop below freezing, and snow and ice start piling up, it can melt all at once awhile later with nowhere to go and lead to siding, foundation and roof damage. It can also cause floods that can destroy your hardwood flooring.

While the weather is still mild, check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are properly fastened and can support the weight of whatever ice and snow typically falls in your area. Once the leaves have stopped falling (or periodically as they fall), make sure to clear them out of the gutters so you can start fresh when the winter precipitation comes.

Also, make sure your downspouts spout at least four or five feet away from the house, which will help prevent flooding when all that snow and ice start to melt.


Plumbing is especially susceptible to freezing, and burst pipes can cause extremely costly damage to your home, including­—altogether now—your hardwood floors. Preventing this damage, though, is not so difficult. Water lines that run along exterior walls and through uninsulated areas of the house that need insulation against the cold, and turn off exterior water faucets.

Right now, before it freezes, go ahead and disconnect your garden hoses and drain any water that remains in the faucets by turning them off from the inside, then leaving them on outside until the water stops running. You can also insulate them with special faucet cozies you can get at the hardware store. And, just in case, know how to shut off the water valves in your home.


Now is also the time to prune trees and shrubs. They are starting to shut down for the winter anyhow, so they’ll experience less shock from the trimming, plus less surface area provides less opportunity for damage from the cold. Be especially sure to cut away any limbs that could fall on your home when they get weighed down with ice or snow.


Winter wet and muck can cause severe damage to hardwood floors. To prevent this, create a protected space just inside (or outside) the doors you use the most where your family and guests can leave wet boots, slickers, and umbrellas.

Remember, a mudroom doesn’t have to be a whole room.  If your hardwood runs right up to your front or back doors, find a rug, or even an old piece of carpet, to fill the space in front of the door, then put a proper mat on top of it.  This way you have something to trap the muck and protection against splash over.

You may also want to put a waterproof barrier underneath the carpet or rug — but, if you do, be careful that water does not get trapped underneath it (where it will have no escape but into your hardwood floors).  If you have space, add a bench with cubbies underneath and a rack where folks can hang wet outerwear; this is also an excellent way to keep bulky winter gear out of the way inside the house.

Make sure, too, that the space outside the door remains clear of snow and ice, and have a heavy duty doormat where they can knock off clumps of ice and snow before they ever even come inside.


Here in Colorado, we have all sorts of ways to enjoy the winter months. But when the storms come in and the days get short, your home is your escape from the dreary cold. If the winter weather gets to you, make sure that inside space will cheer you up.


First, make sure there are enough of them. You may want to add a few lamps around the house to provide extra light when the sun goes into hiding. Also, consider the quality of light. Full spectrum light bulbs do a much better job of mimicking sunlight than your average bulb and are less expensive and less bulky than sun-simulating UV bulbs. Also consider eco-friendly bulbs, which offer more light for the same power, giving you a brighter room even when your light fixtures may limit your wattage.


One of the benefits of hardwood is that it goes with everything, right? So change up your d├ęcor for the winter. Find a few bright pillows, throws, or curtain accents to add to your rooms. You can even find or make slipcovers for furniture with brighter patterns that will bring extra life to your indoors while the world hibernates outdoors.


In case you’re not a skier or winter hiker, you’ll need other ways to keep from becoming sedentary through the winter. Try creating a space where you can stay fit indoors. If your home is small, find a corner of a room where you could put a yoga mat or a set of weights; if you have extra space.

If you don’t have to use your garage to park your car, consider creating an exercise room or playroom for the kids; the new space doesn’t need to be elaborate — just make sure you have somewhere big enough to move around and stretch out those weary winter limbs. You can easily make the makeshift room more comfortable and appealing by adding garage floor tiles or a protective floor coating.

Friday, July 31, 2020


When you spent in Greenwhich Area floor installation or repair, you had a target in mind. You pictured a gorgeous, immaculate hardwood flooring. You pictured walking into your living room, guest suite, or whatever -- and gazing upon rich, clean mahogany or oak, etc..

What you didn't picture was dust bunnies everywhere. Yuck. They make your floors look gross and your home look untidy.

Dust bunnies are not only annoying because they are unsightly. They also harbor dust mites and other allergens that can lead to breathing issues and asthma attacks. The composition of dust bunnies is dependent upon the sources of debris, which may include human and pet dander and hair, dust, bits of fur, and random detritus from artwork projects or even from food prep.

To battle back against the dust and dirt, you have to put up a care system. Aim to clean once a week. Adjust your cleaning regime, as need be, based on results and the level of cleanliness you want to achieve. Battling bunnies needs a combination of common sense and not so common sense. Use a gentle towel or Swiffer to sweep up the maximum observable bunnies. Be cautious for grit and other particles. Should you mop too hard -- or use the wrong kind of broom -- the grit can grind against the flooring, causing hardwood damage. In addition, use a suitably equipped vacuum cleaner -- preferably one with a HEPA filter -- to suck small particulates.

Lastly, identify and manage the source of the bunnies. If you maintain cats at the house, their dander might be"enemy #1," for example.

Whether you have large clean up job, or you need help installing or repairing Greenwich Area wood flooring, get in touch with the experienced staff at Floor Sanding Greenwich. Find out more about our services and history here in, or call to set up a free estimate now.

Monday, April 27, 2020


A wood floor that's laid in a busy business setting is very likely to become dull and worn, leaving a less than striking floor. The likelihood is that if wooden floors are laid on your business property it was chosen due to its durability and natural appearance.

Even the very durable wood floors require attention to ensure that they are kept searching at their best. It's very important to maintain the professional look of your enterprise and a superbly restored hardwood flooring will produce a positive statement to both customers and employees alike.

We were invited to restore this flooring in a local gymnasium. There was a regular high rate of footfall to the studio that meant that it was worn. Moving gear had scraped the surface and also the wood finish had discoloured slightly, which makes it appear outdated and unsightly.

We ordered a time as it would have effect on the company and finished our customized floor refurbishment support to the whole floor.

The job was completed in a timely fashion and we made certain to employ a lasting wood finish which was harmonious to this kind of industrial setting.

We use a wide selection of customers; we plan to really go the excess mile for each job, whether commercial or domestic.

Our portfolio, highlighted through our floor refurbishment site is an actual reflection of the assortment of functions we accept on. We're convinced you will be amazed by the transformation that's achievable with our expert services.

Please contact us now if you'd like some guidance from our experienced staff or in the event that you'd like to arrange a no obligation quote.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

"What precisely is engineered floor? " is a question frequently asked by floor-hunters also it's easy to know why. The wood flooring market has gotten quite complicated recently, thanks to the new goods that have been developed and also the assortment of wood species that have been available thanks to international trading.

In brief, engineered hardwood floors is a man-made timber floors item, which is composed by bonding layers of unique forests collectively and piled them off with a solid wood surface. The final result of the smart development is a floor that appears like solid wood but has the advantage of having the ability to be set up in places where humidity and moisture changes would lead to a real difficulty to solid hardwood.

So how is engineered timber flooring made?

Engineered wood flooring consists of bonding a range of layers of ply or high density fibreboard (HDF) to create a core board, which effectively becomes the inside of a"sandwich" which is then topped with a good wood lamella or surface. These center planks are made by bonding layers of ply together or simply by introducing a thick layer of HDF, laid in different directions to create a solid, stable base for the solid wood top layer.

If it comes to the good wood surface or lamella, there is a whole host of species to choose from, just as there is with good wood. That said, the most typical are walnut , larch and walnut.

In order to recoup the lamella in the log, there are three principle cutting methods, which, depending upon which will be used will affect the expression of the end item. These methods include dry, solid-sawn; rotary-peel and sliced-peel, each of which create a slightly different impact.

- Dry solid-sawn lamella is possibly the lengthiest procedure and involves drying out the wood slowly over time to cut back its humidity degree. This slow drying procedure usually means that the timber is less likely to suffer from cupping later on. What is more, this manner of regaining the timber produces the most visually impressive lamella.

- Rotary-peel lamella is created after boiling the log to enable the scraping of the top layer of wood from the outside, which is then pushed flat. This type of lamella has more of a ply appearance for it and is less resistant to cupping than dry solid-sawn.

- Sliced-peel lamella finally, is cut from the end of the log once it's been boiled, again producing a very stable top layer.

Once the inner core has been produced and the surface has been recovered from the log, then the pieces are combined to make boards. The glue used to bond the various elements in several respects influences the quality of the last item.

One concern surrounding the adhesive procedure used is that the last product isalso, if not handled carefully, capable of emitting high levels of formaldehyde. It's necessary therefore to check the formaldehyde security of your floor before purchasing it. If that is something you're in any doubt about, a good flooring provider will be able to reassure you.

After the planks have been constructed, they are then milled to make their tongue and groove structure. When it comes to finishing engineered timber floors, like solid wood, you will commonly find distressed possibilities, scraped options and brushed options, meaning that pretty much whatever style you are able to buy in wood, there is very likely to be an engineered wood equal.

When you purchase these, you will typically find that it comes already finished, but if you shop around, you'll have the ability to track down untreated planks if your project requires it.

What makes engineered timber flooring so unique?

In brief, engineered timber is special since it withstands temperature and moisture fluctuations far better than solid wood. This usually means that these planks can safely be utilised in bathrooms, kitchens and even basements. Additional its stability means it can be successfully installed under floor heatingsystem. Add to this, the very fact that it's quick to set up, especially when the floating method of setup is used and you truly begin to see why this flooring alternative is so common.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Suitable Wood Flooring For Pubs

More and more pub owners are under pressure to attract clients by being a bit different from the ordinary. There is no getting away from the fact that the financial climate in the UK has had a detrimental influence on the number of times each week which people either visit the pub or eat out. If you're planning a re-look or a renovation for your pub, there's very little doubt that timber flooring is likely to be one of the things high on your wish list.

When it comes to stores, restaurants and pubs, wood flooring is not just a fashionable solution; it is a practical and hardwearing solution too. Nevertheless, in order to be certain that your floor stands up to the test of time and stays looking great as long as you expect it will, it is important to make the right decisions at the beginning.

Basically there are two types of hardwood flooring: solid and engineered. Put simply, solid hardwood flooring is made from solid planks of the species of wood you pick for your flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is a man made board that's made of layers of timber that's secured with each other to make a really stable foundation for a good wood lamella or surface. It's this good wood lamella which makes engineered wood flooring so much like the actual thing.

When it comes to a bar environment, there is a good deal to be said for solid wood flooring over engineered hardwood floors since it can be sanded and sanded more often than engineered timber flooring. Nevertheless, an engineered timber flooring plank with a comparatively thick lamella or surface will permit many of sandings.

The likes of a 21/6 engineered timber board, whereby the plank is 21mm thick and the good wood top layer is 6mm thick, so should stand up to up to 7 sandings in its life. Nevertheless, this depth of plank is not recommended for installation finished under floor heating. If you're intending under floor heating for your pub or bar, the likes of a 15/4 thick engineered wood flooring board, will enable up to five sandings in its life and is suited for installation within under floor heatingsystem. It is important to be conscious that solid hardwood floors isn't recommended for installation over under floor heating. Thus, when you're organizing your project, it is important to keep in mind the effect that under floor heating will have on the floors options open to you.

Once you've established whether or not engineered hardwood floors is the best for your project, or that solid wood could work out better for youpersonally, it's then time to consider the species of timber you'll select, in addition to the end. In picking the species of wood to get a pub, it is a fantastic idea to pay respect to the potency of the various woods available because in several ways, durability is what will help your flooring stand until the footfall it will need to put up .

The next important factor to think about is the finish you choose for your pub floor. The two extremes of this flooring finish spectrum include petroleum at one end and varnishes in the other. The ideal option for you will depend to a large extent on the appearance you want to produce. Varnishes tend to be shiny, even in the event that you opt for a matt finish, whereas oils are organic looking and simply enhance the wood without adding shine, but it's important to consider durability and the capability to repair your floor if you should want to.

Once more, your flooring supplier should have the ability to steer you if you are having problems identifying your best choices.